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Interview: Tips to style a Modern and Calming Nursery

Interview: Tips to style a Modern and Calming Nursery

We delve into the world of nursery design with our founder and creative director. Discover her experiences, insights, and tips on creating nurseries that seamlessly blend style and functionality, making them perfect oasis for both little ones and parents alike. From initial challenges to must-have items and practical advice, this interview offers a glimpse into the thoughtful approach behind The Muse Edition's mission to elevate family living spaces.

What was your experience like setting up your very first nursery? 

Setting up our son's nursery as first-time parents was an eye-opening experience that ultimately lead to the birth of The Muse Edition. Back in 2017, as I tried to create a space for him that was warm, calm, and felt luxurious, I hit a wall. The market seemed flooded with traditional, gender-specific designs that just didn't align with what we envisioned.

We ended up choosing a monochrome palette with touches of rattan to bring a sense of warmth to our Bondi apartment. But the real test came when trying to blend baby essentials into our living space. The clash between our adult-style decor and the baby items was jarring and created a sense of chaos my husband and I really struggled with. Every evening, we found ourselves packing away toys and baby gear, trying to reclaim our space. Which was the last thing we felt like doing when we were already so tired.

Did you nail the room’s design right off the bat, or did you alter things down the line? 

Our first attempt at designing the nursery was all about functionality, focusing on sleep and storage. But if I'm being honest, we didn't love the room and it wasn't a space we wanted to spend time in. When we moved into our new home, it was like turning a new page. We saw this as a chance to start afresh, to create spaces for our sons that not only met our practical needs but also reflected our family's unique personality. 

What mistake do you think many first-time parents make when setting up a nursery?

As a first-time parent, it's easy to get carried away with a specific nursery theme that might not transition well as your child grows. I've learned it's important to think ahead. The nursery isn't just a room — it's a space that will evolve with your child's changing needs. Instead of locking into a specific theme like “jungle”, for example, consider a more general approach. Play with colours and shapes to create a space that's beautiful yet adaptable.

Start with one standout item, it could be a unique rug, a striking piece of furniture, or a colour you really love. This becomes your canvas — the heart of the room that everything else is built around. Focus on textures and layering in natural tones to create a serene atmosphere. You might pick a dominant colour or explore tonal variations for an understated but elegant feel. Don't be afraid to mix patterns and textures; it's all about finding a balance that's visually appealing and intriguing. By taking this approach, you’re not just designing a nursery — you’re shaping a space that will grow and change just as beautifully as your child does.

What were your nursery must-haves? 

When setting up our nursery, a comfy armchair was a must-have. It’s where countless feeds and snuggle-filled story times happened. 

Storage was another top priority. When my second son was a baby, I created our toy storage baskets. These were strategically placed around the house: one by the armchair for muslin cloths, another for stuffed animals, and more in the living space to keep my boys’ toys within reach but out of sight. 

And let's not forget about the play mat — an absolute necessity. It provided a soft spot for post-bath tummy time and play time.  Our linen play mats, designed for smaller spaces, can evolve into a cosy reading nook as your child grows. Plus, our award-winning padded play mats — designed to look like woven rugs — are both stylish and practical. They offer a padded surface for safety that are easy to clean, and effortlessly fit into your home's decor.

What are your tips for creating a picture-perfect nursery that stays picturesque even when all of the loud, colourful toys start making their entrance? 

  1.  Investing in stylish storage solutions really made a difference for us. It's amazing how the right baskets can transform clutter into a design feature, blending functionality with a touch of style.
  2. We chose a calm and neutral colour palette for our nursery. This created a peaceful backdrop, balancing the vibrant energy of children's toys without making the space feel too busy or overwhelming.
  3. Setting up specific zones in the nursery was a game-changer — a reading nook here, a play corner there. It not only gave each part of the room a clear purpose but also helped in keeping everything organised.
  4. Keep just a few toys within easy reach and rotate them every so often. This keeps the space uncluttered and fresh, and it's great for your child too. They learn to value and engage more with their toys.
  5. If you can, go for built-in storage solutions. They can be tailored to fit your space flawlessly and integrate seamlessly with the room's overall design, creating a unified and clutter-free look.



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