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Baby Blankets

The Muse Edition Baby Blankets are a versatile and stylish essential designed to provide comfort and convenience for both baby and parents. It is an absolute must-have for modern parents seeking the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and style.

How do I care for my linen blanket?
To maintain the softness and durability of your linen blanket, we recommend gentle care practices. Machine wash your blanket in 30 degrees with a mild detergent, and avoid bleach or harsh chemicals. Tumble dry on low heat or air dry to preserve its texture. With proper care, your linen blanket will remain luxuriously soft and cosy for years to come.

Are linen baby blankets suitable for all seasons?
Linen blankets are ideal for all seasons due to their thermoregulatory properties. The natural fibers of linen help keep you cool in summer by wicking away moisture and allowing optimal airflow. In winter, the insulating properties of linen keep you warm and cosy. This ensures year-round comfort for your little one.

Are these baby blankets hypoallergenic?
Our linen baby blankets are crafted from a sustainable premium linen-blend fabric that is hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin. Linen naturally resists dust mites and mold, making it a safe and healthy choice for allergy-prone individuals. Parents can rest assured knowing their baby is wrapped in breathable, hypoallergenic fabric, promoting comfort and peace of mind.