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Linen Pram Cosy

The Muse Edition® Universal Padded Linen Pram Cosy is the ultimate cold weather accessory to keep your baby warm and comfortable. Made from linen blend fabric and filled with a double layer of OEKO-TEX®-certified padding, our quilted pram footmuff will protect your precious little one from the chill, ensuring a snug and cosy walk in the pram.

Can I use the pram cosy with any pram model?
Yes, the pram cosy is designed to be compatible with any pram model. You can easily secure the linen quilt to your pram's frame with the self-fabric ties, ensuring your snug pram quilt stays in place without the risk of falling off or getting caught under the wheels. Additionally, the elastic pouch provides versatility, allowing you to secure the pram quilt around the base of your pram seat or bassinet, acting as a cozy "sleeping bag" to keep your little one's feet warm.

Can I use the pram cosy with a car seat or only with prams?
No, the pram cosy is designed specifically for use with prams and is not compatible with car seats.

How do the footmuffs enhance insulation in colder weather?
Our footmuffs enhance insulation in colder weather by providing a snug and warm environment for your baby. Suitable for temperatures from about 15 degrees Celsius and below, they ensure your little one stays comfortably warm even during long winter walks.Our footmuffs are designed with a double layer of Oeko-Tex padding, much like having a warm quilt on the go. Your baby will love snuggling up in this cosy cocoon, making it their favourite place to be.

Are the pram footmuffs easy to install and remove?
Installing and removing our pram footmuffs is a breeze. They come with self-fabric ties that securely fasten to the pram's frame, ensuring a snug and stable fit. Plus, the elastic at the back makes it easy to slip the footmuff over the footrest without any hassle. With these convenient features, you can effortlessly attach and detach the footmuff, keeping your little one warm and cozy during your outings.