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Baby Play Mats

Welcome to our collection of baby play mats, where we blend style with functionality to cater to both you and your little one. Our linen play mats, blending premium fabrics and soft hues create a serene and stylish play area. 
For those in search of support and modern design, our luxe double-sided padded foam play mats are the perfect choice. Featuring a subtle rug-like patterns they effortlessly complement your interior style.

Are the baby play mats available in different designs?
Our linen play mats come in several designs, ranging from gender-neutral tones to stripes and our houndstooth design. We also offer different quilting stitching to appeal to different design tastes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your baby's play area. Similarly, our foam play mats come in six print variations and three different shapes: large, round, and our exclusive WiggleMat with a scalloped edge, ensuring there's an ideal option to suit your style and space requirements.

Why should I choose a play mat for my baby?
Choosing a play mat for your baby is essential for creating a safe environment that supports their developmental milestones. Play mats offer a soft and comfortable surface, reducing the risk of injuries on hard floors. Our play mats feature gentle colour palettes and soft tones, preventing overstimulation, providing a calming space for exploration. As babies interact with their surroundings on the mat, they enhance their motor skills and cognitive development. Overall, investing in a play mat ensures a nurturing and supportive environment for your baby's growth and exploration.

What are the key features to consider when choosing baby play mats?
When selecting a baby play mat, there are a few consider key factors to consider ensuring a safe and comfortable play environment. Opt for an appropriate thickness to provide sufficient cushioning. Look for materials that are easy to clean, such as hypoallergenic linen or non-toxic foam. Ensure the size fits your space and is easy to pack away when not in use. Also, make sure to prioritise durability so that the play mat lasts long enough to be used for your next children, giving you more value for your investment. By considering these features, you can choose a play mat that meets both your baby's needs and your practical requirements.

Are there any specific age recommendations for our baby play mats?

Our baby play mats are designed to cater to different age groups and are certified safe for use from newborn and up. Whether your baby is just starting to explore the world or is a little older and ready for more active play, our mats provide a secure and comfortable surface for their developmental needs. With their versatile design and safety certifications, our play mats grow with your child, ensuring a supportive environment at every stage of their development.