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Beach & Picnic Rugs

From the beach to the park, or right in your own backyard,  The Muse Edition® premium linen Beach & Picnic Rugs are the epitome of style and function, designed to make life with kids a breeze.

What are the dimensions of your beach rugs and picnic blankets?
Our beach rugs and picnic blankets are generously sized at 180cm x 130cm, providing plenty of space for the whole family. With room for four people comfortably seated and extra space in the middle for tummy time, they're perfect for outdoor gatherings. Plus, they come with a removable strap for easy carrying and storage.

What materials are used in your beach rugs and picnic blankets?
Our beach rugs and picnic blankets feature a soft linen blend fabric that's gentle on the skin and easy to clean. Beneath the fabric, a waterproof backing ensures comfort and keeps everything dry during outdoor use. Plus, they are filled with a double layer of OEKO-TEX® certified recycled padding for added comfort and support.

Are your beach blankets and picnic blankets easy to clean?
Absolutely! All our products are designed with busy parents and messy kids in mind. Simply toss them in the washing machine at 30 degrees and dry flat for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Can I use your outdoor beach blanket for indoor purposes as well?

Yes, many of our customers enjoy using our beach blankets indoors for picnics or playtime. However, it's important to note that the waterproof backing may make them slippery on tiled floors, so use caution in indoor settings.